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Who is Jules?

I am an Atlanta wedding photographer and I specialize in making un-traditional wedding and portrait images for couples and people of all kinds.

That’s right my work is bright, bold and badass – just like my clients.

I’m based in Atlanta, GA and I cover the Southeast and beyond.

“She was very cool, able to direct 2 dorks into fun, cool shots & we had a blast. Oh & she actually knows her way around the camera. The pics are cool & capture the goofy personality of me & my fiancé. Well done Jules!” Chad & Courtney

My goal is to give you not just amazing photographs, but an experience that’s above and beyond the ordinary, too.

If you are looking for a passionate, fun and experienced wedding or portrait photographer, then you’ve come to the right place. You can learn more about me, check out my gallery or get answers to some FAQ’s. If you have any questions, wanna grab a beer together, or just want to connect with me, then shoot me a message so we can chat more!

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  • Sharing these next two images makes me want to shed a few tears. Luckily, it’s tears of strength and happiness for knowing these two amazing women and their journey.
But within their first year of marriage, Amanda & Kayla were dealt a really tough hand in life. Cancer. A completely unfair hand, especially at Amanda’s age, and during what should be such a blissful time.
But I honestly don’t know a better couple to tackle something of this magnitude. Amanda is through some of the hardest months, and has the attitude of a goddess like no other. This shoot is to celebrate her strength for what she’s already dealt with, and the upcoming strength to completely kick cancer’s ass. Which I 100% know she will with ease!
So to this...all I have to say is #fuckcancer!! And I adore you both, Amanda & Kayla! ❤️
  • I don’t think I could love these ladies (and their new pup) ANY MORE THAN I ALREADY DO!! Seriously, these two embody WHY I do what I do. It’s not just about me capturing one important day in your life. Seeing you through the ups and downs and having a true friendship is what I crave. And these two bring it all. We had Amanda’s amazing and empowering shoot this evening and here’s our obligatory selfie. Sneak peek to come later!
  • Got a chance to spend some time with these beautiful sisters tonight!! They are so much fun and always ready to laugh. Also, autumn is truly upon us and it’s gorgeous! 🍁🍂
  • Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to each and every person that has served in our armed forces. 🇺🇸❤️
  • “Any way the wind blows” 🎸🎼
This is their Queen-esque band shot and I looooove it! 🤣
I’ve been taking this family’s pictures longer than I can remember and I adore them so much!!
  • Guess what, friends?!? It’s THAT time again! Family portrait time!!!
So let’s do this! Contact me now and book your session if you haven’t yet! There’s very limited time available between now and Thanksgiving.
This picture may not end up being the “best” from this family’s session, but it stood out to me and I just had to share it! I adore the squeal of laughter on their littlest’s face. ❤️💜
  • It’s always a good day when you get to see some of your favorite client’s kiddos!!! I love love love taking this family’s pictures every year. I’ve known these guys so long that the youngest wasn’t even a thought yet at the time.😱❤️ But thank you for always letting me capture your family and I love seeing these kiddos grow.
  • How is it even possible that it’s been a YEAR since Leah & Ryan’s wedding??? 😱😱 This day was one of my favorites from 2017 and for good reason. Not only do Leah & Ryan radiate love and genuineness, but so did every single person that attended their wedding. I also adored all the personal touches (most were made by Ryan himself) and Leah’s gorgeous dress. Okay- I loved it all!!! Srsly. I miss you two and I love you both! Happy Anniversary!!! ❤️❤️ #movax #nafigetslegit

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