Dee & Winni’s King Plow Wedding – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I am so pumped to finally be sharing this amazing wedding with everyone! Dee & Winni are two amazingly beautiful women and I could not have been more thrilled to be a part of their lives during this exciting time. When they originally met with me I was floored at the life they had already built together. They have a beautiful daughter and many many years under their belt as a couple. If I remember correctly, I believe it is 19 years together when they got married!

I did their engagement photos last year at Piedmont Park and that’s when I fell in love with their spirits and love for one another. Go ahead and check those images out here.

But their wedding day was so incredibly beautiful and FUN. They got married at the amazing King Plow Arts Center and had the most badass wedding party ever. The day started with both Dee & Winni as bundles of nerves with excitement to see one another. They chose to wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time, so even though they both told me they were generic synthroid buy online fine, I could tell they were both so excited to see each other for the first time that day. 🙂

When the moment they walked down the aisle finally happened, everyone was in tears, including me! Their daughter, Summer, walked them both down the aisle and the ceremony was full of ALL the emotions. Laughter, tears…it was truly amazing.

The whole day was exactly as I thought it would be…full of love, dedication to one another, and becoming one amazing family together. I am so so happy to have had the honor of photographing Dee & Winni’s love and wedding day. Enjoy the photos!!

Dee-Winnis-Wedding-5 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-12 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-14 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-21 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-26 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-43 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-49 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-57 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-59 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-63 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-67 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-92 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-100 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-107 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-137 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-146 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-179 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-182 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-204 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-213 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-263 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-267 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-273 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-276 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-278 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-282 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-297 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-310 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-317 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-321 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-335 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-352 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-355 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-360 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-366 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-397 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-400 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-412 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-418 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-432 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-449 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-452 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-465 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-470 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-472 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-480 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-483 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-488 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-496 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-508 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-517 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-521 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-527 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-534 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-535 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-553 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-563 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-570 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-591 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-608 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-612 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-622 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-628 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-655 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-681 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-695 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-701 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-704 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-717 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-722 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-732 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-734 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-762 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-785 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-793 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-818 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-824 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-831 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-865 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-870 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-891 Dee-Winnis-Wedding-894


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    Just Beautiful , made me cry to see how you told this story with pictures….


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