Monique & Walter’s Amazingly fun Atlanta Wedding with Jeni’s Ice Cream! – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Monique & Walter’s day was ONE FOR THE BOOKS! One of my favorite things about them is their adventurous spirit. From my very first meeting with these two, the told me that their bridal/wedding party was going to be a a complete blast and that they wanted to go on an adventure with them between the ceremony and reception. And, my friends, that’s EXACTLY what we did! But before I get to that I’m going to start from the beginning of their day.

I met with up and the ladies and they were listening to music, laughing, and hanging out. It was just such a chill vibe…which is my favorite! The guys were doing the same, but they even had some games and shenanigans for me to photograph. After everyone was ready we went straight into the ceremony. Walter and Monique chose not to see each other until Monique walked down the aisle and it was totally worth it. Walter’s face was priceless! Monique looked SMASHING, so it was no doubt that Walter was in awe.

After the ceremony we head out on our adventure! We went straight to Westside Provisions and got Jeni’s Ice Cream! Yes, the entire wedding party along with Monique and Walter. We got ice cream, photographed synthroid 200 mcg everyone together. Took some hilarious images by the Atlanta Made sign (even captured some high fives) and then headed to the beautiful Summerour.

Cocktail hour was going strong but that didn’t stop us from getting some of the most beautiful sun in our images in the patio of Summerour. 😀 After we captured everything we wanted, we headed on into the reception where the room was FILLED with greenery (that Monique’s mom grew in her greenhouse!) and loving friends and family. Between the love in the speeches, the flash mob, and the dancing, it was a night to remember and I cannot thank Monique and Walter enough for trusting me to capture their amazingly fun Atlanta wedding!! <3

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